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Crushing on Blush for Spring

One shade of pink or another has been popular for the last several seasons, and I must admit that I’m quite happy to see it sticking around for spring this year. The light and airy version of pink has been showing up a lot and I’ve created a moodboard of some of my favourite finds in blush.


  1. BOSS ruffled blouse  2. KREAFUNK headphones 3. &OtherStories frilled sweater 4. Lamp shade found on Tictail  5. Anthropologie Cosima pillow 6.  Anthopologie Spring’s Eden candle  7. Rose Quartz and gold earrings found on Tictail 8. Mauve velvet pillow on Desiary 9.Marc O’Polo bomber jacket 10. Mini bucket bag from Mango 11. EDITED trench coat

You will be seeing lots of ruffles and bell sleeves this spring and summer. I love the trench coat from Edited, but not sure how tricky the arms would be. I prefer a coat you can just throw on and go. The bomber jacket certainly fits the bill. Sadly the shape of a bomber just doesn’t do anything for me, but I picked up this one  at H&M for my 7-year old daughter. Sometimes I live vicariously through her.
If you feel like blush pink is a little too girlie for you, remeber that beauty is found in the mix. That’s true for both fashion and interiors. This femenine color goes beautifully with masculine tones like charcoal, navy and every shade of brown from latte to chocolate. And soft contrasts perfectly with hard or rough. Pair the ruffled Boss top with a kick-ass black leather moto jacket. Or throw the marble pillow in a sleek and minimalist bedroom or living room. Contrast is everything.
The lamp shade and earrings were found on Tictail. If you haven’t discovered this already, Tictail is like the Swedish version of Etsy. You can find beautiful products from small designers from all over the world.
Tell me what you think about blush. Do you love to be pretty in pink or is it too girly for you?
And if you love this color as much as I do, check out Blush Part 2: Shoes! here.

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