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My Favourite Finds at Ambiente 2017

I spent Sunday at the Ambiente Messe in Frankfurt with a dear friend and saw some beautiful and inspiring displays. I’ve selected my top five finds. Three are from already beloved Danish brands and two were new and exciting discoveries for me.

1. We immediately spotted this copper lamp from Danish interior brand NORDAL hanging above a round dining table. The copper colouring almost has  burgundy touch to it.

2. Our favourite stand was Sugarboo Designs from Roswell, Georgia, a new discovery for me. They have whimsical prints, cards, calendars, notepads and more with sayings and fun illustrations. A small collection of their prints cane found on West Wing Now. I am searching for a source here in Europe that carries more of their gorgeous products…..

3. The first stand we encountered walking into the home furnishings hall was Danish brand Hübsch Interior, and wow did it make a good first impression. This small desk is one of the many light oak pieces we saw that could fit nicely in so many spaces. The desk, the sleek green chair and the lamp are all available on Car Moebel.

4. I love this pair of brass wall lamps from Danish brand House Doctor. Their slogan is that they give you a daily vitamin boost for a more stylish and inspiring home and that’s just what I felt when I saw them displayed at Ambiente.

5. Another exciting find for us was discovering Beija Flor vinyl mats. These beautiful old world “tiles”come rolled up in a mat in various sizes that can simply be laid down in your entrance, kitchen, or perhaps the laundry room (as my friend has in mind to brighten up the space). They can be ordered directly from Beija Flor in Israel or a small collection is available here in Germany from Car Moebel.

What do you think of our finds? Do any of them appeal to you as well?

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