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Green + Blush and Black

1.Table tiles 2.Green Plates 3. Table runner 4. Salt cellar 5. Set of vases 6. Breakfast plate 7. Leonardo wine glass 8. Serax fish bottle 9. Blush throw 10.H&M candle 11. H&M bowl 12.Bloomingville bowlsBlack and white pillow 14. Green pouf 15.Pink pillow 16. Retro radio 17 Soft bucket 18. Honeybush & rose geranium soap 19. Side table 20. Green shelf 21. Basket

With Greenery being named the color of the year, we’re bound to see lots of greens in the coming months. You might not be ready to paint your living room zesty green, but it’s worth looking into how to use all shades of green in accessories. Greens in general are a great color this time of year when we start aching for spring. So if you want to add a little spring feeling over the next months, try combining green with blush and black. Blush keeps the feeling soft and light, while the black grounds the other colors for a sophisticated look. Easter basket is not the look we’re going for! Whenever you’re working with light colors such as green and blush, make sure at least some of the objects have a ruddiness to them. You’ll notice a bit of brown or grey in there, not just a pastel hue. This will also help keep the look grown up, not babyish.

What do you think about mixing green with blush and black? Which item is your favourite?

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