Hi! I’m Nicole and I am a Frankfurt-area-based interior designer and stylist. All the little details blog is where I share my favorite products, ideas and projects. I believe you can make your home completely inspiring and beautiful while at the same time totally liveable. It’s not about buying a designer sofa or copying a look out of a design magazine, it’s all the little details that make the difference in creating a home that you love. I hope you find my adventures in design and decorating both approachable and exciting. Have fun!

10 Things I love:

1. Mixing Decor. It’s hard to describe my style in just one word because I love to mix things up. Traditional with mid-century modern; boho meets glam; Scandinavian paired with French country. Finding just the right balance of contrast and coordination is what makes design so much fun for me.

2. Neutrals. I love blacks, white, grey, beige, metallics. Layering neutrals with lots of texture is so gorgeous and the best way to mix and match the styes I mentioned above.

3. Color. Yes, this may seem to contradict no. 2, but stay with me. After I’ve layered all those neutrals I love to add pops of color. Color to me is like food for my soul; I drink it in.

4. Books. I am obsessed with books. Other people may have to hide shoe purchases from their husbands, but with me it’s books. I cannot stop buying them and there are piles of them all over my house. Good thing decorating with books is is such a great way to show off our personality and be surrounded by things we love.

5. Flowers and Plants. Sadly I wasn’t born with a green thumb, but that doesn’t stop me from constantly adding greenery and cut flowers to my interiors. Something organic literally adds life to a room.

6. Art. I think art is the very best way to express yourself in your home. And, by the way, art can come in so many varieties. Sure the expensive original painting is fabulous, but so are prints found on Etsy for very affordable prices.

7. Gallery walls. Speaking of art, I love to combine pieces on a wall or shelf. I end up collecting a lot of prints and this is such a fun way to show them off and my personality as well.

8. Whimsical mementos. Little pieces brought back from a trip, collections of things I love. These are the details that add personality and joy to a space. This shows that we don’t take our interior design too seriously; we’re not actually going for the minimalist magazine cover look, right?

9. Lamps. This is one of the best ways to turn a space from boring to fabulous. Whether it’s hanging from the ceiling or sitting on a side table, a beautiful lamp can melt my heart. And should we even get started talking about how important lighting is? Soft light from multiple sources makes a room feel so cozy. It can totally affect how you feel in a room.

10. Family. I saved the cheesy one for last. I feel you have to add family into your decor. Your family is the soul of your home, and this can come by way of family pictures hanging on your walls or displaying objects to do with family members’ hobbies, sports or collections. Our homes feel welcoming and cozy when they reflect the people who live in them.